Campsite Maji Moto

Welcome to our campsite, located in the middle of the vast savannah at the base of the Loita Hills. Feel the spirit of the Maasai, living with nature and listening to our ancestors. Stay in traditional Maasai manyattas (mud huts) that have added comforts for Western travelers, or in small tents amid the aloe vera, acacia and euphorbia trees.

Visit the hot spring for a natural bath, or shower in the private outdoor shower with hot water from the spring.  Handwashing stations and toilet facilities are also available for your stay.

Location and activities

ManyattaMaji Moto Campsite spans a wide area at the foot of the Loita Hills and is a 1.5 hour drive from the Masai Mara National Reserve. The location allows for energetic trekking in the hills and plains, peaceful relaxation, as well as driving safaris in Maasai Mara.

Upon arrival, you will find tents hidden in the aloe vera trees. Washbasins amidst cactus and a small fireplace in the middle of the camp. This is our Campsite! We can accommodate small parties or large groups of up to 30 people, in an area that is big enough to provide privacy and intimacy. We are experts in everything from honeymoon holidays to large group trips.

You will enjoy the traditional dances in the Maasai Widows’ Village, just up the path from the campsite. Learn about traditional beadwork, cooking, and other traditional ways of life. Experience warrior training with Maasai warriors.

In the evening, enjoy a wonderful bath in the natural hot springs, or see go in search of nocturnal animals with a night game drive.


We offer a blend of European and African cuisine, using locally grown food, prepared with the highest quality and food safety standards and served by an attentive staff. Special dietary requirements can be accommodated with advance notice.

See photos of our campsite here.

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